Mermaid Minerals Beauty!


MERMAID MINERALS: Beauty choices for the conscious

I REALLY enjoyed receiving all of my treasures from Mermaid Minerals. I quickly opened the box to find a cute, little, red tote bag with a mermaid on the front, filled with my beauty booty! I first tried the Body Lotion, it was in a spray bottle, which claims to absorb and hydrate quickly. I, being a person of very oily origins, do not particularly care for lotion. This I liked. It wasn’t greasy and did as promised. It definitely delivered. It absorbed very fast, this would be a great hydrating lotion for the summertime for oily skinned gals such as myself! I couldn’t get the pump to work on the sprayer, but I don’t use spray bottles much anyway. I like this a lot and would like to see it in a squeeze bottle perhaps.

(UPDATE!..well, i didn’t read the directions, you are supposed to SHAKE it before spraying, it works great and it sprays now! I even PREFER the spray pump. I am weird, right?)

The next item in my tote that caught my eye was the mascara. Now, I must explain myself, I am an AVID mascara user/buyer. I LOVE mascara! A lot of girls really love the Maybelline “Great Lash” from way back when. It’s a MUA fave too! It gives blackness to the lashes, length and no clumping. That’s EXACTLY like this Mermaid Minerals Mascara, EXCEPT the MM version is more natural and has a lot less harmful ingredients! Win, win!

The Mineral Shadow looked amazing, the color I received was “mermaid” and it’s simply gorgeous and so reminds me of the sea. The subtle shimmer, and staying power makes this amazing for anytime and anyplace, as well as any season. I have always loved mineral shadows because of the color output. Even without a primer, these shadows are nothing short of amazingly beautiful, you will truly feel like a sea goddess! Right now I see that there full sized shadow pots of loose mineral shadows are on SALE for only $4.00 each!!!!!!!! WHAT A STEAL!!!!

I had a great experience with this company and it’s owner and am really glad to be a part of spreading the word about Mermaid Minerals!

Join Patty on her site and be sure to mention I sent you!

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, what do we do? We SwIIIIIIIIIIIIM!”

For Body Lotions/Sprays as well as Cleansers and Exfoliators, click the link below:

To find Baked Mineral Shadows, Loose Shadow and Mascaras try here:


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