Nourish Organic Bodycare

Nourish Organic Skincare Review: Organic food for Healthy Skin

This line not only has super-cute packaging with little pictures of figs and lavender flowers, it’s based out of my family’s teeny tiny hometown in Pennsylvania. Cool? Hopefully I can visit the factory where they make all these beautiful, and great smelling beauty items one day. I received the Lavender/Mint handsoap, which is not only silky and doesn’t dry your hands out, but is naturally antibacterial, free of harmful ingredients and smells AAAAAAAmazing! I literally wash my hands MORE often because I know I will smell amazing each time I do.  Free of sulfates? Yes please. Sulfate soaps make my hands so dry and hurt, this doesn’t do that to me (also doesn’t contain any sulfates) so glad to have found my hand soap soul-mate!

I also got ahold of the Lavender/Mint Body Butter. O.M.G. The smell is the same as the handsoap, amazing, clean and pure. The benefits of the butter far exceed the soap , however. It is deeply moisturizing, and easily melts with warmth from the skin. It can easily melt in the jar, so be sure to keep it stored in a dry and cool place. I find that natural products last longer and don’t spoil as fast in the refrigerator, much like food! Not rocket science here!

Some of the ingredients they use, just to name a few commonly found in their products are as follows:

Acai berry( antioxidant rich, anti-aging),

Aloe (hydrating, healing),

Coconut (deeply hydrating,anti-aging, anti microbial),

 Green tea (antioxidant rich, redness reducing)

To visit them online


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