SAVE YOUR ORANGE PEELS: How to “Candied Orange Peels”

candiedorangeslicesYou know those orange slices candies, the bagged ones that are bright orange and are sugar covered? These are the homemade, less awful for you version of those.
These are yes, covered in sugar. But not as bad for you as bagged candy and fun to create!
I used the granule kind, unbleached minimally processed.
First try to get the pith off as much as you can, the white part inside the peel. It doesn’t need to be perfect.
Toss the rinds into a pot of boiling water and boil down for about 30-45 minutes on rolling boil.
On another burner have a pot with 3 cups of sugar and 3 cups of water coming to a boil.
After the rinds are nice and soggy from the boiling water, strain and toss them into some ice water! This helps avoid the bitterness taste of the peel.
I let these simmer in the sugar/water with a lid for about 30-40 minutes again.
Remove, let cool, and roll in sugar granules.
You can now lay these on a tray to dry further, eat them now all gummy like and sticky gooey (yum), OR do like I did and pop them in a dehydrator at 100 degrees for about 3 hours.
These are good for avoiding bagged candy cravings, and to top ice-cream.
THOUGHT: I figured these would be fun to save and use on desserts as garnish sometime, maybe even grated as a sugary orange zest!

Let me know how you like these and how you change up the recipe if you do!

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