The Ease of BOLD: featuring Beauty from the Earth Cosmetics

The Ease of BOLD: featuring Beauty from the Earth Cosmetics

Going out and going natural just got a little simpler and a lot more fun!

If someone tells you that you cannot achieve a very bold or gorgeously smokey eye with Natural or Mineral products, tell them to buzz off!

This is simple, especially with the right companies in mind. Here, I am using BFTE eyeshadow in “emerald city”. This color is just WOW! The shadow selection is not only amazing but bold, subdued, however you want it. Not to mention affordable and easy to use.

First choose a shadow color; loose pigments are great because they are not only very bold, but need little to no primer sometimes to achieve great color coverage. This one didn’t really have much of a difference with or without the primer, it showed up perfectly either way. I have oily skin so I added primer just to be safe.

Prime your eyes. I like to use my finger because it warms the product and helps it melt into the skin more effectively.

Next, using a flat, dense eyeshadow brush, apply the shadow by dipping it into the pigment, and slowly dabbing and pressing it into the eyelid. If any falls underneath your eyes you can simply take some of your powder foundation or setting powder and dust it away quickly.

*for a more advanced step take a CLEAN,fluffy shadow brush and start to blend upward toward the crease, this will create depth and can be done with a separate shadow color as well.

Add eyeliner or false lashes or individuals at this step if you like. I like black, winged out liquid eyeliner as this opens up the eyes and makes a bold line to compliment the shadow.

Lastly, add you favorite deep, dark blackest mascara to volumize and separate your lovely lashes and to finish off your look!

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