Berry Natural and very easy : One product, one FAB face featuring Monave


All natural cosmetics is the healthy choice and the right one . Here I simply applied my Monave foundation, left my skin slightly dewy so I could easily glide the pigment onto my skin.

I grabbed my lipstick #54, it’s a lovely deep brown berry shade. I warmed it up with my finger and patted it into the outer corners of my lids as well as slightly into the crease. I then blended it upward with a clean finger to give a smokey eye effect. Subtle yes, but the red tones make it stand out very well.

I then dotted three spots along my cheekbone and blended this upward toward my temple with my clean fingers.

I then applied my lipstick as usual and was sure to blot so it wasn’t too dark for the daytime.

what a simple time saving technique!

My mother actually used to use Burt’s Bees lip tints on her cheeks, I thought she was crazy, I told her “Mom, uh, duh, that’s why they have BLUSH.” I was rude, and a teenager.

I actually realized after I did this little review using one product, that I wasn’t the actual genius behind the time saving makeup trick! Thanks mom ❤



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