QUICK Viatnamese-style Rolls


I wandered out into the kitchen. Much to my surprise I see my Husband, of all people, making a dish. He’s never really been one to get the “I must cook this” bug up his butt like I do everyday. He isn’t as inspired as I am I suppose. Because let me just tell you…he CAN make food! Apparently!

He was soaking some rice paper rounds, thawing shrimp, gathering and slicing veggies and rolling up some Vietnamese styled rolls. I was amazed. I quickly hopped on that train and whipped up a peanut dipping sauce (gf,vegan and healthy ofcourse)!

SoOooOoO good! All he did was this :

1) Soak rice paper rounds (found at Asian markets uber cheap)

2) carefully lay onto cutting board or flat surface

3) Place whatever veggies or fillings you’d like (we used shrimp, cucumber,carrots and spinach)

4) roll up like a burritio 😉

5) Um. Duh. Enjoy!



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