Faerie Organic makeup is Faerie impressive

DSC00175BEFORE (no foundation)

DSC00198AFTER (foundation in Fairly-Light)


I used to wear a ton of makeup. I mean a lot. I felt the need to cover my face so much that you couldn’t see a thing, not any semblance of MY skin under there. I got over that.

Now, I enjoy a nice powder or liquid foundation that is not only a healthier choice than the toxic chemical laden ones but one that doesn’t cake on and sit on my face like a mask.

I have only a select few brands I truly enjoy and that cover, don’t break me out, clog my pores or feel cakey. This is definitely one of the winners.

DSC00248 Seriously. this stuff is nice. Look at my seriousness.


Faerie Organics foundation powders come in a nice array of shades. I mean wow. In the Fair shades alone they have ten options!

Here I am wearing the Faerie Organic foundation powder in Fairly-light (airbrush). They have full coverage called Maximum Coverage and Airbrush for lighter to medium coverage. I usually go for maximum but the airbrush was very nice and I loved that it didn’t leave my pores noticeable.

Most powders, you will find when you start to buff them on that they leave little holes where your pores are and it looks awful. I didn’t have that with this powder and I was so glad because it’s such a nightmare to fix! I have had it on for over 8 hours now and have oily skin and it’s holding up really well. #impressed.

I then gave myself a tad more color with the Sun-Goddess Bronzer. I like this as it is a nice deep color but not too dark for me. Great for contouring and bronzing.

I added the final touch of the perfectly rose colored blusher in “true” and I LOVE it. It is the pink that goes with my skin tone. I am so happy about this color. I am in love, for sure.

It feels so light and so clean and not  heavy at all and yet I feel confidently done up.

Be sure to pop by and check out there awesomely effective products and Artisan made cosmetics here:


To try a sample kit visit their link here:


For ingredients and the amazing story about how/why the owner started the company:



I really appreciate all the support from Faerie Organic by sending me this nice variety of sample colors to try. The makeup is well made, packaged and the website is beautiful.

♥Faerie Organics does not test on our furry friends♥


3 thoughts on “Faerie Organic makeup is Faerie impressive

  1. Hi, I just got my sample kit from Faeri Organic but I am not really sure about the coverage. What brush did you use? I used to use bareMinerals but I would like to switch to something more “clean”, so Faerie it is….by the way….I love your hair 😀

    • Hi! I use a small, dense concealer brush sometimes for more on the spot coverage, just dab it right on, even though it’s powder it works. You can always use a tiny bit of concealer then buff the foundation powder over it if you need more coverage. They have concealer powder too. It lasts long and just stayed put and was really good for my skin and covered well. I hope this is atleast somewhat helpful 😉 Thankyou 🙂 I need to cut it!

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