Blueberry Picking Season: The BERRY best way to use ’em

DELICIOUS GF muffins anyone?

Recipe here

DELICIOUS, warm, fresh blueberry filled, Streusel topped Vegan and Gluten free muffins anyone?

We traveled down a long and windey back road In Pungo to end up at Beatson’s Blueberry Farm
Here we were greeted by very friendly dogs, as soon as we stepped out of the car. The black and white one, he was adorable and sweet and wanted to play fetch while we picked berries.

This is the guy who was a fetch enthusiast. LOVE his ears! ♥

this is the guy who was a fetch enthusiast. LOVE his ears! ♥

I feel like we got a very good deal (3 pints for $5)!

I have made all kinds of goodies and still had plenty to eat by the handful. Very good berries!

One of the very tasty treats I whipped up were these bad boys. Gluten Free Blueberry Streusel Muffins. Yum. If you’d like the recipe hop over to my SNG (supernaturalegirl) page

I also whipped up some Homemade Almond Milk, which quickly turned into a Blueberry almond smoothie. This paired nicely with the warm muffin.
This recipe is also on my SNG page

Just Yum.

Just Yum.

There is also a recipe for DIY Almond Flour, from your almond milk batch. Almond flour is delicious, nutritious and Gluten free! It’s so expensive too! So head on over and see how to make your own milk, and flour and whip up some muffins and get yourself berry picking already! ♥

If you don’t have fresh, check out frozen!

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