♥DIY♥ DEEP AHA Body & Face Fruit Acid Peel *EASY*

♥DIY♥ DEEP AHA Body & Face Fruit Acid Peel *EASY*

Have you ever found yourself lacking a glow, looking flaky and parched or just in need of some serious deep pore cleansing? You have met your match. Slather on this easy DIY recipe and sit back, relax and let the tiny enzymes go to work on getting you that glowy, dewy and youthful skin you had before.

Too much sun, touching our skin and messing with it, sleeping on our face, forgetting to wash off our makeup before bed, not enough water, and poor diet wreak havoc on our skin! The body skin too! Back acne, dark spots, blemishes, redness and dryness! This helps to regenerate skin and start fresh!

First things first, if you have sensitive skin, please test this on your forearm first. Tingling is totally normal, however, burning, excessive redness and severe itching is not.

Step 1:Preparing the skin
For the body use a rough textured towel, hemp cloth, or do dry brushing first. This helps to expel toxins and slough off dead skin to reveal fresher cells and will help the peel be a lot more effective.

For the Face, I do not recommend doing this as it can cause sensitivity too easily. Simply wash your face with you favorite cleanser, something gentle and non-stripping. Pat dry.

simply pop the top in water for a few days then into a pot of soil, in a couple years you'll have a pineapple!

simply pop the top in water for a few days then into a pot of soil, in a couple years you’ll have a pineapple!

Step 2: Prepping your Pineapple
simply cut off top and place in a small bowl of water, we’re saving this to plant.
Next, cut of rind and slice pineapple into chunks.

Chunky Monkey

Chunky Monkey

Save the rinds with pineapple as you can sprinkle them with salt to cleanse your cutting board or to use as a Body scrubber! (per above first pic)
Just add salt, scrub the board and rinse! For the body add sugar or salt and use the pineapple rind as a scrubby pad. This is great for elbows, knees and feet!

scrub your body or scrub your board

scrub your body or scrub your board

Step 3: “Put the Lime in the Coconut”
Add the Pineapple Chunks to a blender and blend until frothy and liquid. Pour into a Glass container to keep in the fridge. Will keep for a little over a week (use as many times as you’d like!

apply it a little thicker in problem areas where you have blemishes,dark spots, sun spots or fine lines

apply it a little thicker in problem areas where you have blemishes, dark spots, sun spots or fine lines

Face: Apply in a thick layer and rub all over using fingertips or a mask brush. Leave on for desired amount of time or until dry and rinse well. Be sure you are applying the froth and the liquid, so shake well before applying, the froth won’t do much of anything by itself.

*tip: if you have stubborn blackheads mix a little bit of scrubby granules in like oatmeal flour, almond meal or apricot scrub to really slough off dead cells. http://www.albabotanica.com/collections/natural-hawaiian-skin-care/pore-purifying-pineapple-enzyme-1.html

For the body, after you have dry brushed or dry exfoliated with a cloth, apply all over body while standing in the tub (no water running). Allow to sit on body for 20-30 minutes.http://www.earththerapeutics.net/prodinfo.asp?number=6970

*tip:Before hopping in the shower you can take a handful of raw sugar and use this to really get the dead cells off and add glow to your skin! Rinse well, pat gently dry. No need to cleanse after this is rinsed off.

Now you’re one smooth operator! Hope you enjoy!

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