The Ease of BOLD: featuring Beauty from the Earth Cosmetics

The Ease of BOLD: featuring Beauty from the Earth Cosmetics

Going out and going natural just got a little simpler and a lot more fun! If someone tells you that you cannot achieve a very bold or gorgeously smokey eye with Natural or Mineral products, tell them to buzz off! … Continue reading

Beauty From the Earth Cosmetics: The “MAC” of natural makeup



I call BFTE the “MAC” of the natural/mineral lines. It’s bold and creative color selection gives the client a truly customizable experience. A lot of gals flock to mineral makeup for the natural look, the effortless beauty. However, there are some who want to simply switch from harmful chemicals but still keep their dramatic and inspired looks. A lot of big makeup companies are using bright and bold eye looks to draw in customers, BFTE doesn’t seem to have a need to do this, they have such a variety that it simply attracts a lot of attention from a lot of different types of women. I was drawn to it because it was a natural line, though I know some are drawn to it because they can still do a high drama look, minus all the scary ingredient labels. Most of the makeup from this line contain only 3-5 ingredients, if that. Truly amazing!

I first tried the Foundation. It was actually fairly sheer for my taste (I am a full coverage kinda gal) but when I layered it and it blended nicely and gave me a more medium coverage without a lot of effort. I also liked the large variety in shades. Ultimately I discovered I really like using the lightest foundation as my highlighter and it stays all day, even for oily skin types! My favorite part is that it’s much cheaper than a jar of Bare Minerals too.

Faith and Foxy. These two loose mineral shadows are truly beautiful. I am so glad I experienced these in my lifetime, as they are truly gorgeous. “Faith” has a nice pinky glow, it could be used on the cheeks or the eyes. It reminded me of Springtime! “Foxy” is a deeper color with a browner base, somewhat purple, with a little glow in it too. Paired together these are beautiful for a contoured eye look or an evening out. Separately, they are both great for the daytime! I didn’t even find a need for eye-primer with these. As with most mineral shadows, the color output was truly amazing and effortless. I wanted to play with so many looks after just one use.

I had an amazing experience with this company, the owner is very helpful and quick to reply to your questions. I would definitely recommend them.

Get your “beauty from the earth”, and feel good about what your putting on!

Loose mineral shadow in “foxy”

Loose mineral shadow in “faith”

If you feel like simply poking around the site for yourself and have no need for shadow try here: