♥DIY♥ DEEP AHA Body & Face Fruit Acid Peel *EASY*

♥DIY♥ DEEP AHA Body & Face Fruit Acid Peel *EASY*

Have you ever found yourself lacking a glow, looking flaky and parched or just in need of some serious deep pore cleansing? You have met your match. Slather on this easy DIY recipe and sit back, relax and let the … Continue reading

Products I covet: Spring 2013

Manuka Honey is a MUST in any Holistic or Natural Gal’s home. It’s naturally tasty, antimicrobial and helps fight some serious infections. Great for reducing chances of catching colds, and shortening them when you are already sick. It’s amazing at healing acne QUICKLY, (see my blog on this with pictures!). It’s a wonderful cleanser, and has been shown to even treat some severe cases of staph! Instead of an antibiotic ointment, try swapping it out for this, I have found it actually keeps me from scarring. Just amazing.


Vitamix. I cannot tell you enough how much I LOVE my Vitamix. It makes cooking and preparing really great meals, super quick and super easy. Plus I end up making things I never attempted to before! I am certainly eating healthier and have maintained a steady healthy weight due to using this as a tool to help me live healthier. I drink more smoothies and juices now, and eat more soups. I literally use this everyday. This is a great tool to have when starting a raw food diet or a cleanse.

You are what you eat. I’ll say! This book has been read by me so many times it’s starting to bend all funny. oops. I love it. It’s no nonsense, lots of gorgeous food pictures and recipes and tips and tricks. Gillian McKeith is absolutely phenomenal and she has healed a lot of very sick and overweight people. Coconut oil. Good fats, skin benefits, high heat stable cooking. What more could you want? I use this in all my cooked dishes, a little goes a long way and as often as I cook, a jar lasts me a long while. It is totally worth the price, and the price of your health! Raw desserts. Healthy and dessert? Yes. Whole, uncooked foods made into delectable treats. This book was a great inspiration to me. I made so many things so quickly and easily. Aloe. Burns, cuts, scrapes, dry skin beware! This aloe is amazing for all skin types and boo-boo’s. Used in conjunction with the Manuka Honey, you will have soft, smooth supple scar free skin in no time! Glass jars. Perfect for craft stuff, but even better for storing your fresh made juices and smoothies from your vitamix! I use this kind because of the sealable and pretty much spill proof lid enclosure. Keeps my green smoothies fresh in the fridge and on quite a beautiful display!

Monave: 95% Vegan, Gluten-Free, Oganic Botanical beauty products




I am always very careful about my foundation purchases online. Is that the right color? Is this computer screen showing me the actual color? It’s a trying process. I have tried quite a few different companies and so far this one is way up there.
I ordered the LIGHT sampler for the Mineral Foundation. What I received was freakin AMAZINGLY flawless coverage! Most mineral foundations make you look too dry or are cakey or just don’t have great color output and coverage. This had it all! I am getting oiler since the weather is getting warmer so I am hoping it holds up, but if it doesn’t I know they have a matte foundation that I could layer underneath. Too perfect right?
I also had a chance to try some mineral cheek color in Desert Rose. What a color, it’s gorgeous, pinky plumy tones and went with almost any eye shadows I used throughout the week. It’s a very versatile color and I only use a tiny bit since I am so fair, a lot goes a long way. This would also be GORGEOUS on a deep skin tone. It has a tiny hint of glow to it, which makes you look healthier.

The Oatmeal Honey Breakfast bar went fast, I used it on my face and body everyday. Smells so good and natural. Most things break me out. Guess what? no breakout. Just good clean fun 😉

I also tried the oil control humectant. I LOVE the smell, it’s so light and ofcourse, not artificial at all. I believe it’s the ylang ylang and Myrrh I smelled, so lovely. I used this everyday for a week, as I didn’t notice much difference in oil control since it was cooler then and I wasn’t very oily, I did notice it made my skin dewy and so glowy and fresh looking. I used a tiny bit with my mineral foundation and got a make shift tinted moisturizer! It helped to keep the tinted moisturizer on longer since most of those slide off my oily skin easily. I will be testing out the oil control of this one through the harsher summer days and I will be sure to update you.
Overall, this was a great experience and I am very pleased with the company as well as the products I tried.
Below are some of their newest updates, be sure to visit their website as well


Spring is here in Baltimore, and we’ve added up some fabulous new liquid glosses: www/monave.com/liquid-gloss/(and they’re on sale!)

Interested in being part of the Spring Fun? Check out our ‘Build Your Own Sale’ contest going on on our Facebook Group Page; Monave Friends!

Back in stock! Moisture Mousse Foundations, Rose Daily Cream, Vegan Flat Top Brushes, Angled Liner Brushes, and Shea Butter Lotion.

Mermaid Minerals Beauty!


MERMAID MINERALS: Beauty choices for the conscious

I REALLY enjoyed receiving all of my treasures from Mermaid Minerals. I quickly opened the box to find a cute, little, red tote bag with a mermaid on the front, filled with my beauty booty! I first tried the Body Lotion, it was in a spray bottle, which claims to absorb and hydrate quickly. I, being a person of very oily origins, do not particularly care for lotion. This I liked. It wasn’t greasy and did as promised. It definitely delivered. It absorbed very fast, this would be a great hydrating lotion for the summertime for oily skinned gals such as myself! I couldn’t get the pump to work on the sprayer, but I don’t use spray bottles much anyway. I like this a lot and would like to see it in a squeeze bottle perhaps.

(UPDATE!..well, i didn’t read the directions, you are supposed to SHAKE it before spraying, it works great and it sprays now! I even PREFER the spray pump. I am weird, right?)

The next item in my tote that caught my eye was the mascara. Now, I must explain myself, I am an AVID mascara user/buyer. I LOVE mascara! A lot of girls really love the Maybelline “Great Lash” from way back when. It’s a MUA fave too! It gives blackness to the lashes, length and no clumping. That’s EXACTLY like this Mermaid Minerals Mascara, EXCEPT the MM version is more natural and has a lot less harmful ingredients! Win, win!

The Mineral Shadow looked amazing, the color I received was “mermaid” and it’s simply gorgeous and so reminds me of the sea. The subtle shimmer, and staying power makes this amazing for anytime and anyplace, as well as any season. I have always loved mineral shadows because of the color output. Even without a primer, these shadows are nothing short of amazingly beautiful, you will truly feel like a sea goddess! Right now I see that there full sized shadow pots of loose mineral shadows are on SALE for only $4.00 each!!!!!!!! WHAT A STEAL!!!!

I had a great experience with this company and it’s owner and am really glad to be a part of spreading the word about Mermaid Minerals!

Join Patty on her site and be sure to mention I sent you!

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, what do we do? We SwIIIIIIIIIIIIM!”

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