How to create beautiful and simple SEAGLASS at home


This is a great idea to keep the kids busy and end up with something beautiful for yourself and your home. You can easily make these for parties or occasions by adding flair or changing color themes. I also rolled some of them in Epsom salts, but that’s another project altogether.

First thing you want to do is gather your items, most of us have these lying around even if we don’t have children. Grab some Glue (school glue) or mod podge, food coloring, a few small bowls and a few paint brushes…and newspaper…seriously, you WILL drip the glue and be very sad that it got on the carpet, or lovely wood table.


Pour the glue into the small dishes and create color mixtures you’d like to see on the jars. Keep in mind that the color is going to be painted on thinly and that you need to make the color a little more vibrant than you’d like it to be on the jar. For that beautiful minty green color that’s so poular I ended up making it a few shades darker in the bowl before painting it on.








Make sure you have a place to set this down once it’s dried like newspaper or paper plates. Paint the outside of the jar in even strokes until fully covered. Set to dry in a place where it will nto be disturbed by small hands or cats.

It’s that simple! You can roll them in glitter or confetti before they dry or anything cool you can think of!

Enjoy! If you send me pictures of you doing your projects and the finished result I will post them 😉

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