♥DIY♥ DEEP AHA Body & Face Fruit Acid Peel *EASY*

♥DIY♥ DEEP AHA Body & Face Fruit Acid Peel *EASY*

Have you ever found yourself lacking a glow, looking flaky and parched or just in need of some serious deep pore cleansing? You have met your match. Slather on this easy DIY recipe and sit back, relax and let the … Continue reading

MannaOrganics♥ NEW! NutButters

manna nut butter
Manna Organics is an amazing company that has friendly, hard working people behind it and great ethics.

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I just wanted to drop you guys a note. since I ♥MannaOrganics so much. They have NEW Nut Butters and they are also on SALE! Very short period of time though. They have neat flavors too.
Cashew Butter, which is usually VERY pricey and hard to do yourself. This one runs for $7.99 on sale!

There are also tasty varieties like Cinnamon-Date and Coconut Cashew. OMG YUM!

Be sure to check out their breads and snacks while on their site

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Wanna win? ENTER NOW!

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The Ease of BOLD: featuring Beauty from the Earth Cosmetics

The Ease of BOLD: featuring Beauty from the Earth Cosmetics

Going out and going natural just got a little simpler and a lot more fun! If someone tells you that you cannot achieve a very bold or gorgeously smokey eye with Natural or Mineral products, tell them to buzz off! … Continue reading

Super Quick, Super Easy, 3 ingredient Gluten-Free Flour!



1C. Rice flour (brown or white, there is no prejudice available in this recipe)

1/2 C. cornstarch

1/2 C. Tapioca flour

Make sure to sift this together really well and …..VIOLA! You can make a huge batch of your OWN GF flours without paying a huge price

Enjoy ❤

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Monave: 95% Vegan, Gluten-Free, Oganic Botanical beauty products




I am always very careful about my foundation purchases online. Is that the right color? Is this computer screen showing me the actual color? It’s a trying process. I have tried quite a few different companies and so far this one is way up there.
I ordered the LIGHT sampler for the Mineral Foundation. What I received was freakin AMAZINGLY flawless coverage! Most mineral foundations make you look too dry or are cakey or just don’t have great color output and coverage. This had it all! I am getting oiler since the weather is getting warmer so I am hoping it holds up, but if it doesn’t I know they have a matte foundation that I could layer underneath. Too perfect right?
I also had a chance to try some mineral cheek color in Desert Rose. What a color, it’s gorgeous, pinky plumy tones and went with almost any eye shadows I used throughout the week. It’s a very versatile color and I only use a tiny bit since I am so fair, a lot goes a long way. This would also be GORGEOUS on a deep skin tone. It has a tiny hint of glow to it, which makes you look healthier.

The Oatmeal Honey Breakfast bar went fast, I used it on my face and body everyday. Smells so good and natural. Most things break me out. Guess what? no breakout. Just good clean fun 😉

I also tried the oil control humectant. I LOVE the smell, it’s so light and ofcourse, not artificial at all. I believe it’s the ylang ylang and Myrrh I smelled, so lovely. I used this everyday for a week, as I didn’t notice much difference in oil control since it was cooler then and I wasn’t very oily, I did notice it made my skin dewy and so glowy and fresh looking. I used a tiny bit with my mineral foundation and got a make shift tinted moisturizer! It helped to keep the tinted moisturizer on longer since most of those slide off my oily skin easily. I will be testing out the oil control of this one through the harsher summer days and I will be sure to update you.
Overall, this was a great experience and I am very pleased with the company as well as the products I tried.
Below are some of their newest updates, be sure to visit their website as well


Spring is here in Baltimore, and we’ve added up some fabulous new liquid glosses: www/monave.com/liquid-gloss/(and they’re on sale!)

Interested in being part of the Spring Fun? Check out our ‘Build Your Own Sale’ contest going on on our Facebook Group Page; Monave Friends!

Back in stock! Moisture Mousse Foundations, Rose Daily Cream, Vegan Flat Top Brushes, Angled Liner Brushes, and Shea Butter Lotion.

TRULY Easy, health conscience decisions to start making


Change is hard, uncomfortable and no fun! But once you hit that lull, the place where everything comes easily and it all just works. That’s when it dawns on you that it was worth the battle.
I know change is hard, I talk to people daily about their diets and lifestyle choices and I want to make it as easy-peasy as possible. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you make some changes for the better today:

Eat MORE fat.
Wait, what? Yes. More. There are healthy fats found in avacados, nuts and seeds that the body metabolizes differently than unhealthy fats. Fat is CRUCIAL to helping your metabolism function properly, keep your hair and skin nourished, and keep your brain and mind healthy too. TRUST me when I say this okay? Big girl genes run in my family and I weight 115. I eat a lot of avacados, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats.
ex: Avacado and olive oil on salad, two healthy fats right there! or sprinkle on some sunflower seeds, or nuts!

Replacing sour cream/icecream/dressings
Use a lot of sour cream for “taco night”? Use a lot in your baking? Natural Greek yogurt tastes VERY close, and has some beneficial properties to it, and a lot less (bad) fats! Try this easy replacement!

for instance, you can replace cream, mayo or cream cheese in a lot of cases too!

Also, use it for dips, pasta or creamy based potato and pasta salads, homemade frozen yogurt ice-creams or you can add it to hot meals. Apparently it withstands higher heat cooking without curdling too!

Eat before you run!
Eating breakfast is SUPER important. Have a whole grain like oatmeal, whole-grain English muffin, whole grain toast and be sure to add a protein like yogurt, tofu scramble, scrambled eggs, lean meats. Add some Healthy fats like almond butter, nuts, flaxseeds and a fruit or veggie grapefruit, berries, banana, etc.
Ex: oatmeal topped with berries or bananas, toast with nut butter and bananas on top, yogurt with berries and fruits, English muffin topped with fruit spread and nut butter, whole grain cereal topped with fruit, tofu or egg scramble filled with veggies

Once in awhile to give your body a break from saturated fats, try having a vegetarian night for dinner, you can add some faux meat products. My favorite is faux- ground meats, once mixed with the seasonings etc, no one can tell the diference! You can eliminate a lot of fat, calories and stress on your body by trying this every so often.

ex: faux ground beef or turkey for chili or taco night. Homemade veggie burgers are great on the grill too!

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carobdippedfruit cheezeekale fruitrollhowto rawchesscake rawpumpkinpie

(carob dipped strawberries and bananas, pumpkin pie, avocado-coconut- lime cheesecake with raspberry sauce, fruit roll ups, cheezee kale chips)

Above I have just a few of the pictures I took from my Raw Food journey. I Really enjoyed making these, they weren’t hard at all and if you’re interested in making raw treats or foods, go for it! I am telling you, it’s really not that hard once you accumulate the basics of the raw food diet in your pantry or fridge.

Here’s what I ended up using most often:



virgin, unrefined coconut oil (organic)

nuts (pecans, cashews,walnuts)

maple syrup, agave, raw honey (all of which are very taboo in the Raw Food world about whether they are truly raw)

coconut flakes



Now as you can see from my list, a lot of these fall under the high fat or high sugar category. It’s fine in moderation. The key is to make these things that taste like other bad things, but with whole ingredients. If you were going to eat a candy bar, a RAW version of that is definitely healthier and there will be some benefits nutritionally. So yeah it’s fattening to have a raw chocolate tart with a nut butter in it, but it’s not full of partially-hydrogenated oils, white sugar, animal by products, etc. You can customize this to your liking and that’s what I found so intriguing and down right fun! It’s also VERY CHALLENGING sometimes, which was fun for me but some people just find it frustrating.

Here are a list of some sites I’d visit regularly to spark ideas or grab recipes from. I even started coming up with my own after awhile. These people work very hard and are truly an inspiration in my life:




Be sure to check them out for fun and creative ways to eat well and still have tasty treats 😉


https://www.facebook.com/supernaturalegal   I post recipes and green living tips as well on my Facebook so join me as well!


So as you can see, it’s a little challenging but can give you some really neat results just by having a little patience and the willingness to create.





RAW CHEEZEE KALE CHIPS! Fresh out of the dehydrator

CHEEZEE Kale Chips
2-3 handfuls of raw kale
1 cup cashews (soaked 2-3 hours) 1/2 red bell pepper 1 tbsp lemon juice 2 Tbsp nutritional yeast (I get it at Whole Foods) 1 clove garlic or 1 tsp garlic powder 1/2 tsp Himalayan salt 1/2 tsp. cayenne
115 degrees in dehydrator, I left mine in for about 5-6 hours until cripsy, be sure to check them! SOOOOOOOoOoOooOOOo tasty! Can be baked in oven too!