♥DIY♥ DEEP AHA Body & Face Fruit Acid Peel *EASY*

♥DIY♥ DEEP AHA Body & Face Fruit Acid Peel *EASY*

Have you ever found yourself lacking a glow, looking flaky and parched or just in need of some serious deep pore cleansing? You have met your match. Slather on this easy DIY recipe and sit back, relax and let the … Continue reading

Products I covet: Spring 2013

Manuka Honey is a MUST in any Holistic or Natural Gal’s home. It’s naturally tasty, antimicrobial and helps fight some serious infections. Great for reducing chances of catching colds, and shortening them when you are already sick. It’s amazing at healing acne QUICKLY, (see my blog on this with pictures!). It’s a wonderful cleanser, and has been shown to even treat some severe cases of staph! Instead of an antibiotic ointment, try swapping it out for this, I have found it actually keeps me from scarring. Just amazing.


Vitamix. I cannot tell you enough how much I LOVE my Vitamix. It makes cooking and preparing really great meals, super quick and super easy. Plus I end up making things I never attempted to before! I am certainly eating healthier and have maintained a steady healthy weight due to using this as a tool to help me live healthier. I drink more smoothies and juices now, and eat more soups. I literally use this everyday. This is a great tool to have when starting a raw food diet or a cleanse.

You are what you eat. I’ll say! This book has been read by me so many times it’s starting to bend all funny. oops. I love it. It’s no nonsense, lots of gorgeous food pictures and recipes and tips and tricks. Gillian McKeith is absolutely phenomenal and she has healed a lot of very sick and overweight people. Coconut oil. Good fats, skin benefits, high heat stable cooking. What more could you want? I use this in all my cooked dishes, a little goes a long way and as often as I cook, a jar lasts me a long while. It is totally worth the price, and the price of your health! Raw desserts. Healthy and dessert? Yes. Whole, uncooked foods made into delectable treats. This book was a great inspiration to me. I made so many things so quickly and easily. Aloe. Burns, cuts, scrapes, dry skin beware! This aloe is amazing for all skin types and boo-boo’s. Used in conjunction with the Manuka Honey, you will have soft, smooth supple scar free skin in no time! Glass jars. Perfect for craft stuff, but even better for storing your fresh made juices and smoothies from your vitamix! I use this kind because of the sealable and pretty much spill proof lid enclosure. Keeps my green smoothies fresh in the fridge and on quite a beautiful display!

Super Quick, Super Easy, 3 ingredient Gluten-Free Flour!



1C. Rice flour (brown or white, there is no prejudice available in this recipe)

1/2 C. cornstarch

1/2 C. Tapioca flour

Make sure to sift this together really well and …..VIOLA! You can make a huge batch of your OWN GF flours without paying a huge price

Enjoy ❤

Let me know how you like this recipe

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Monave: 95% Vegan, Gluten-Free, Oganic Botanical beauty products




I am always very careful about my foundation purchases online. Is that the right color? Is this computer screen showing me the actual color? It’s a trying process. I have tried quite a few different companies and so far this one is way up there.
I ordered the LIGHT sampler for the Mineral Foundation. What I received was freakin AMAZINGLY flawless coverage! Most mineral foundations make you look too dry or are cakey or just don’t have great color output and coverage. This had it all! I am getting oiler since the weather is getting warmer so I am hoping it holds up, but if it doesn’t I know they have a matte foundation that I could layer underneath. Too perfect right?
I also had a chance to try some mineral cheek color in Desert Rose. What a color, it’s gorgeous, pinky plumy tones and went with almost any eye shadows I used throughout the week. It’s a very versatile color and I only use a tiny bit since I am so fair, a lot goes a long way. This would also be GORGEOUS on a deep skin tone. It has a tiny hint of glow to it, which makes you look healthier.

The Oatmeal Honey Breakfast bar went fast, I used it on my face and body everyday. Smells so good and natural. Most things break me out. Guess what? no breakout. Just good clean fun 😉

I also tried the oil control humectant. I LOVE the smell, it’s so light and ofcourse, not artificial at all. I believe it’s the ylang ylang and Myrrh I smelled, so lovely. I used this everyday for a week, as I didn’t notice much difference in oil control since it was cooler then and I wasn’t very oily, I did notice it made my skin dewy and so glowy and fresh looking. I used a tiny bit with my mineral foundation and got a make shift tinted moisturizer! It helped to keep the tinted moisturizer on longer since most of those slide off my oily skin easily. I will be testing out the oil control of this one through the harsher summer days and I will be sure to update you.
Overall, this was a great experience and I am very pleased with the company as well as the products I tried.
Below are some of their newest updates, be sure to visit their website as well


Spring is here in Baltimore, and we’ve added up some fabulous new liquid glosses: www/monave.com/liquid-gloss/(and they’re on sale!)

Interested in being part of the Spring Fun? Check out our ‘Build Your Own Sale’ contest going on on our Facebook Group Page; Monave Friends!

Back in stock! Moisture Mousse Foundations, Rose Daily Cream, Vegan Flat Top Brushes, Angled Liner Brushes, and Shea Butter Lotion.

Vapour Beauty Review: Featured in ALLURE magazine!


Vapour beauty: Organic Beauty Review

I actually came across Vapour Beauty through Allure Magazine. They have won some of the “best of beauty” awards. I was lucky enough to be able to try out some of their products recently.

First I tried out the “stratus soft focus instant skin perfector” which is a fairly large amount for something you only need a pea size of. They describe the product here: “Vapour raises the bar for performance and purity with Stratus Soft Focus, velvety variation of Vapour’s revolutionary original organic BB Cream; a 3–in–1 moisturizer, primer and no-color foundation. Soft Focus balances all skin types, including combination and oily skin. Soft Focus leaves a smooth base for color makeup application while achieving a natural soft satin finish.

 Vapour’s Light Reflective Technology immediately perfects the appearance of your skin— you immediately appear younger and refreshed. For a flawless finish use Stratus Instant Skin Perfector alone or under any Atmosphere Foundation.

 In an independent study 8 out of 10 people who tried Stratus saw an immediate improvement in their skin tone and texture. Seven out of 10 people saw an immediate decrease in the appearance of lines, wrinkles and pores.

 Made with 70% Certified Organic ingredients and 30% natural mineral pigments & vitamins. Stratus nourishes skin with Organic Pumpkin and Papaya complex, essential fatty acid rich Organic Evening Primrose, essential amino acid Lysine and skin supportive silica. Stratus is infused with Vapour’s face specific infusion of anti-inflammatory Frankincense, antioxidant Tulsi and moisturizing Lotus flowers.

 All the performance of a luxury moisturizer and primer with none of the silicone or chemicals!”

My favorite part is that it’s silicone free. Ofcourse, I am also grateful that isn’t riddled with harmful ingredients, but I have oily skin and silicone makes it so much worse!

I felt like it helped my makeup go on easier, stay longer and evened out my texture better. It didn’t really even out my skin tone, but as for all the other benefits I give it two thumbs way up! It made my skin glowy too!

Lastly, I had the pleasure of trying the “illusionist concealer”, which I personally really liked. First of all, it’s very silky. Though it doesn’t provide a lot of coverage, it’s great at medium coverage, under eye concealing, and hiding redness without feeling heavy and cakey. It lasted me awhile, even under my eyes, which is very rare. I also found it helpful for making my powder wear longer in the day. If you suffer from skin issues and need full coverage, this isn’t the concealer for you, as you will most likely want a full coverage makeup. This particular concealer is for the health conscious girl, who wants a more natural makeup, with amazing ingredients, and is for a combination/oily to normal/dry skin type. It is also helpful for light hyperpigmentation and age spots that are starting to appear.

I liked the feeling of being worry free while applying my Vapour Beauty products. Too often I am finding myself trying to hurry to get ready and still having to skim the ingredients label. I really enjoyed these products and would highly recommend Vapour Beauty, just like ALLURE MAGAZINE does!


For the magical “illusionist concealer” http://www.vapourbeauty.com/face/Vapour-Organic-Beauty-Illusionist-Concealer.asp

For the “stratus soft focus instant skin perfector” http://www.vapourbeauty.com/face/Vapour-Organic-Beauty-Stratus-Soft-Focus-Instant-Skin-Perfector.asp

To check out all of their ALLURE magazine featured products: http://www.vapourbeauty.com/SearchResults.aspx?tSearch=allure&x=0&y=0

Eminence Organic Skincare



Eminence: Handmade Organic skincare of Hungary Review
I have always been dying to try Eminence. I have seen it in Spas, in Magazines, heard about it, read about it. I have heard it’s amazing and all-natural. I am honored to have the opportunity to test out some products and write down my thoughts on them. This company has a lot of amazing press, and though you feel like you haven’t heard of them, you will see them everywhere now!
Eminence offers products from makeup, to skincare to herbal teas, all organic, all amazing. I had the pleasure of trying out some of the skincare recently.
The Cornflower Recovery Serum was the first thing my Mother and I tried. I happened to be visiting and she was excited to try it when I read the description and she saw the beautiful glass bottle. My favorite part had to be the smell, apparently I am a big fan of clary-sage and seabuckthorn! The smell is amazing and a lot of smells make my eyes itch or water, I was actually able to put this ON my eyes (well lids and under eye) without them being reactive at all. I also have very oily skin and I felt like this was very absorbent, hydrating and not greasy at all. Although, I know I am partial, I wanted so badly to love it because of the smell anyway 😉
My mom however has drier more mature skin that is sensitive. She said she is really enjoying the serum and continues to use it daily. She said it reminds her of the Origins Dr.Weil Plantidote serum that she used to love, but the Eminence serum contains no harmful ingredients to speak of and is also Organic! She feels it is hydrating as well, and says it feels silky and has a very pleasant texture without the greasiness. She feels that she is doing something great for her skin while using it.
I also tried the Evening Primrose and Melon Balancing Masque. I used this for about 2 weeks so far about 3 times a week. It really helps to make the skin feel a lot plumper, hydrated, and to speed cell turnover so that the age and post acne spots disappear a lot faster. My skin looked more even after the first use!
I also sampled some of the tinted moisturizer and it had a great consistency and non-greasy feel. It lasted awhile, even for someone who has very oily skin! This would definitely be a great tinted moisturizer for the summertime since it’s not very heavy.
I HIGHLY recommend this line to anyone, any skin type or age. It is extremely natural, Organic and very well put together. You can always go here to check them out: http://us.eminenceorganics.com/