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manna nut butter
Manna Organics is an amazing company that has friendly, hard working people behind it and great ethics.

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I just wanted to drop you guys a note. since I ♥MannaOrganics so much. They have NEW Nut Butters and they are also on SALE! Very short period of time though. They have neat flavors too.
Cashew Butter, which is usually VERY pricey and hard to do yourself. This one runs for $7.99 on sale!

There are also tasty varieties like Cinnamon-Date and Coconut Cashew. OMG YUM!

Be sure to check out their breads and snacks while on their site

Pop on by and show them some ♥

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Wanna win? ENTER NOW!

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Manna Bread Varieties:
– Banana Walnut Hemp
– Carrot Raisin
– Cinnamon Date
– Fig Fennel Flax
– Fruit & Nut
– Millet Rice
– Multigrain
– Sunseed
– Whole Rye

– Whole Rye (wheat free)
– Sunny SourdoughTM
– Multigrain Flax

– Original
– Ciao Chia
– Sesame
– Ancient Grain
– Cinnamon Raisin

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Products I covet: Spring 2013

Manuka Honey is a MUST in any Holistic or Natural Gal’s home. It’s naturally tasty, antimicrobial and helps fight some serious infections. Great for reducing chances of catching colds, and shortening them when you are already sick. It’s amazing at healing acne QUICKLY, (see my blog on this with pictures!). It’s a wonderful cleanser, and has been shown to even treat some severe cases of staph! Instead of an antibiotic ointment, try swapping it out for this, I have found it actually keeps me from scarring. Just amazing.


Vitamix. I cannot tell you enough how much I LOVE my Vitamix. It makes cooking and preparing really great meals, super quick and super easy. Plus I end up making things I never attempted to before! I am certainly eating healthier and have maintained a steady healthy weight due to using this as a tool to help me live healthier. I drink more smoothies and juices now, and eat more soups. I literally use this everyday. This is a great tool to have when starting a raw food diet or a cleanse.

You are what you eat. I’ll say! This book has been read by me so many times it’s starting to bend all funny. oops. I love it. It’s no nonsense, lots of gorgeous food pictures and recipes and tips and tricks. Gillian McKeith is absolutely phenomenal and she has healed a lot of very sick and overweight people. Coconut oil. Good fats, skin benefits, high heat stable cooking. What more could you want? I use this in all my cooked dishes, a little goes a long way and as often as I cook, a jar lasts me a long while. It is totally worth the price, and the price of your health! Raw desserts. Healthy and dessert? Yes. Whole, uncooked foods made into delectable treats. This book was a great inspiration to me. I made so many things so quickly and easily. Aloe. Burns, cuts, scrapes, dry skin beware! This aloe is amazing for all skin types and boo-boo’s. Used in conjunction with the Manuka Honey, you will have soft, smooth supple scar free skin in no time! Glass jars. Perfect for craft stuff, but even better for storing your fresh made juices and smoothies from your vitamix! I use this kind because of the sealable and pretty much spill proof lid enclosure. Keeps my green smoothies fresh in the fridge and on quite a beautiful display!


carobdippedfruit cheezeekale fruitrollhowto rawchesscake rawpumpkinpie

(carob dipped strawberries and bananas, pumpkin pie, avocado-coconut- lime cheesecake with raspberry sauce, fruit roll ups, cheezee kale chips)

Above I have just a few of the pictures I took from my Raw Food journey. I Really enjoyed making these, they weren’t hard at all and if you’re interested in making raw treats or foods, go for it! I am telling you, it’s really not that hard once you accumulate the basics of the raw food diet in your pantry or fridge.

Here’s what I ended up using most often:



virgin, unrefined coconut oil (organic)

nuts (pecans, cashews,walnuts)

maple syrup, agave, raw honey (all of which are very taboo in the Raw Food world about whether they are truly raw)

coconut flakes



Now as you can see from my list, a lot of these fall under the high fat or high sugar category. It’s fine in moderation. The key is to make these things that taste like other bad things, but with whole ingredients. If you were going to eat a candy bar, a RAW version of that is definitely healthier and there will be some benefits nutritionally. So yeah it’s fattening to have a raw chocolate tart with a nut butter in it, but it’s not full of partially-hydrogenated oils, white sugar, animal by products, etc. You can customize this to your liking and that’s what I found so intriguing and down right fun! It’s also VERY CHALLENGING sometimes, which was fun for me but some people just find it frustrating.

Here are a list of some sites I’d visit regularly to spark ideas or grab recipes from. I even started coming up with my own after awhile. These people work very hard and are truly an inspiration in my life:

Be sure to check them out for fun and creative ways to eat well and still have tasty treats 😉   I post recipes and green living tips as well on my Facebook so join me as well!


So as you can see, it’s a little challenging but can give you some really neat results just by having a little patience and the willingness to create.







WTH is “EAT MORE KALE”?! and why do I keep seeing it everywhere? Bumpers, T-Shirts….hoodies…
Well, I have started to see these things too. More often when I was at a local Organic market. I’d see a car backing out with a bumber sticker reading “eat more kale”. I became curious after this happening a few times. I actually spoke to Bo-Muller Moore (Owner) in an e-mail. Pretty cool dude! He seems very laid back and calm as a cucumber..errr Kale! Haha!
Here, on his site, he explains Eat More Kale:
“I’m asked all the time, “Hey Bo, what do you mean by ‘Eat More Kale’ and where did the phrase come from?” Well, it means a lot of things to a lot of people.

A couple of friends of mine, Paul and Kate of High-Ledge Farm, penned the phrase over ten years ago when they special ordered two shirts for themselves. I must admit, I gave the design very little thought. I drew the letters and cut the stencil in less than 20 minutes. I printed their shirts and delivered them at the next farmer’s market. The idea became “viral” before people knew what “viral” was, then quickly spread to all corners of the world. Now, as a one man show, it’s everything I can do to keep up with the demand.

Most obviously, it’s about eating healthier. Kale can be delicious and a SUPER FOOD! You *should* eat more of it. An ancient ancestor of the cabbage plant, kale is primarily a cold-weather crop with a taste not unlike collard greens. It grows in a lot of conditions and climates that are inhospitable to other vegetables and can get tastier with a hard freeze.

Eat More Kale is about supporting small business, business that actually cares and hasn’t been swallowed up by the profit-hungry, corporate mentality. For years I was a one man show, so my shirts are distinctive, offbeat, one-of-a-kind works of art. I’m happy now to actually employ a handful of local friends to help me keep up with my expanding micro-business. That said, I have no giant call-centers to hide behind and I don’t need them. I am one man, with some good friends who are also handy with squeegees and that’s how I like it. When you see someone wearing one of my t-shirts you will instantly recognize it’s personal style, character and the care we took to craft it.

Eat More Kale is also about being part of a worldwide movement, a t-shirt revolution. My customers hail from all around the globe and I really dig that. When you buy a shirt from me I’d sure appreciate if you sent a picture of you wearing it somewhere so I can add it to my wall. If you want to check out my collection of photos you can see them here.

I’m also about eating locally, supporting local farmers, bakers, famers markets, farm stands, CSA’s, community gardens and restaurants, sustainable lifestyles, social commentary and community. Most importantly, I’m about printin’ Vermont’s one-at-a-time original design t-shirts. Have fun and remember: eat more kale!!!”
So be sure to check him out, eat more kale, veggies, and rock some EMK gear too!
And if you want to do a world of good, be sure to stop by here really fast:
And sign this petition! It is to support small business practices. Chik-Fil-A wants to take down Bo’s Company (EMK) for allegedly “confusing” the public about “eat more Chikin” versus “eat more kale”. Just wow. Sign so they can’t shut him down!
Don’t forget to check me out too! Want some tasty Kale recipes, vegan desserts, RAW food fun, Green beauty reviews? Stop by my places too 😉

Mermaid Minerals Beauty!


MERMAID MINERALS: Beauty choices for the conscious

I REALLY enjoyed receiving all of my treasures from Mermaid Minerals. I quickly opened the box to find a cute, little, red tote bag with a mermaid on the front, filled with my beauty booty! I first tried the Body Lotion, it was in a spray bottle, which claims to absorb and hydrate quickly. I, being a person of very oily origins, do not particularly care for lotion. This I liked. It wasn’t greasy and did as promised. It definitely delivered. It absorbed very fast, this would be a great hydrating lotion for the summertime for oily skinned gals such as myself! I couldn’t get the pump to work on the sprayer, but I don’t use spray bottles much anyway. I like this a lot and would like to see it in a squeeze bottle perhaps.

(UPDATE!..well, i didn’t read the directions, you are supposed to SHAKE it before spraying, it works great and it sprays now! I even PREFER the spray pump. I am weird, right?)

The next item in my tote that caught my eye was the mascara. Now, I must explain myself, I am an AVID mascara user/buyer. I LOVE mascara! A lot of girls really love the Maybelline “Great Lash” from way back when. It’s a MUA fave too! It gives blackness to the lashes, length and no clumping. That’s EXACTLY like this Mermaid Minerals Mascara, EXCEPT the MM version is more natural and has a lot less harmful ingredients! Win, win!

The Mineral Shadow looked amazing, the color I received was “mermaid” and it’s simply gorgeous and so reminds me of the sea. The subtle shimmer, and staying power makes this amazing for anytime and anyplace, as well as any season. I have always loved mineral shadows because of the color output. Even without a primer, these shadows are nothing short of amazingly beautiful, you will truly feel like a sea goddess! Right now I see that there full sized shadow pots of loose mineral shadows are on SALE for only $4.00 each!!!!!!!! WHAT A STEAL!!!!

I had a great experience with this company and it’s owner and am really glad to be a part of spreading the word about Mermaid Minerals!

Join Patty on her site and be sure to mention I sent you!

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, what do we do? We SwIIIIIIIIIIIIM!”

For Body Lotions/Sprays as well as Cleansers and Exfoliators, click the link below:

To find Baked Mineral Shadows, Loose Shadow and Mascaras try here:

Eminence Organic Skincare



Eminence: Handmade Organic skincare of Hungary Review
I have always been dying to try Eminence. I have seen it in Spas, in Magazines, heard about it, read about it. I have heard it’s amazing and all-natural. I am honored to have the opportunity to test out some products and write down my thoughts on them. This company has a lot of amazing press, and though you feel like you haven’t heard of them, you will see them everywhere now!
Eminence offers products from makeup, to skincare to herbal teas, all organic, all amazing. I had the pleasure of trying out some of the skincare recently.
The Cornflower Recovery Serum was the first thing my Mother and I tried. I happened to be visiting and she was excited to try it when I read the description and she saw the beautiful glass bottle. My favorite part had to be the smell, apparently I am a big fan of clary-sage and seabuckthorn! The smell is amazing and a lot of smells make my eyes itch or water, I was actually able to put this ON my eyes (well lids and under eye) without them being reactive at all. I also have very oily skin and I felt like this was very absorbent, hydrating and not greasy at all. Although, I know I am partial, I wanted so badly to love it because of the smell anyway 😉
My mom however has drier more mature skin that is sensitive. She said she is really enjoying the serum and continues to use it daily. She said it reminds her of the Origins Dr.Weil Plantidote serum that she used to love, but the Eminence serum contains no harmful ingredients to speak of and is also Organic! She feels it is hydrating as well, and says it feels silky and has a very pleasant texture without the greasiness. She feels that she is doing something great for her skin while using it.
I also tried the Evening Primrose and Melon Balancing Masque. I used this for about 2 weeks so far about 3 times a week. It really helps to make the skin feel a lot plumper, hydrated, and to speed cell turnover so that the age and post acne spots disappear a lot faster. My skin looked more even after the first use!
I also sampled some of the tinted moisturizer and it had a great consistency and non-greasy feel. It lasted awhile, even for someone who has very oily skin! This would definitely be a great tinted moisturizer for the summertime since it’s not very heavy.
I HIGHLY recommend this line to anyone, any skin type or age. It is extremely natural, Organic and very well put together. You can always go here to check them out: