♥DIY♥ DEEP AHA Body & Face Fruit Acid Peel *EASY*

♥DIY♥ DEEP AHA Body & Face Fruit Acid Peel *EASY*

Have you ever found yourself lacking a glow, looking flaky and parched or just in need of some serious deep pore cleansing? You have met your match. Slather on this easy DIY recipe and sit back, relax and let the … Continue reading

MannaOrganics♥ NEW! NutButters

manna nut butter
Manna Organics is an amazing company that has friendly, hard working people behind it and great ethics.

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I just wanted to drop you guys a note. since I ♥MannaOrganics so much. They have NEW Nut Butters and they are also on SALE! Very short period of time though. They have neat flavors too.
Cashew Butter, which is usually VERY pricey and hard to do yourself. This one runs for $7.99 on sale!

There are also tasty varieties like Cinnamon-Date and Coconut Cashew. OMG YUM!

Be sure to check out their breads and snacks while on their site

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Blueberry Picking Season: The BERRY best way to use ’em

Blueberry Picking Season: The BERRY best way to use ’em

Recipe here http://supernaturalegirl.weebly.com/gluten-free-recipes.html   DELICIOUS, warm, fresh blueberry filled, Streusel topped Vegan and Gluten free muffins anyone? We traveled down a long and windey back road In Pungo to end up at Beatson’s Blueberry Farm http://www.visitvirginiabeach.com/Listings/Beatson_s_Blueberries.aspx Here we were greeted … Continue reading

QUICK Viatnamese-style Rolls


I wandered out into the kitchen. Much to my surprise I see my Husband, of all people, making a dish. He’s never really been one to get the “I must cook this” bug up his butt like I do everyday. He isn’t as inspired as I am I suppose. Because let me just tell you…he CAN make food! Apparently!

He was soaking some rice paper rounds, thawing shrimp, gathering and slicing veggies and rolling up some Vietnamese styled rolls. I was amazed. I quickly hopped on that train and whipped up a peanut dipping sauce (gf,vegan and healthy ofcourse)!

SoOooOoO good! All he did was this :

1) Soak rice paper rounds (found at Asian markets uber cheap)

2) carefully lay onto cutting board or flat surface

3) Place whatever veggies or fillings you’d like (we used shrimp, cucumber,carrots and spinach)

4) roll up like a burritio 😉

5) Um. Duh. Enjoy!


Garden of Wisdom : Picking foods to feed your face


It is crucial to choose nutrient dense, water rich foods and foods with high nutritional value to put IN your body.

However, choosing the right foods to go ON your body, that can be a little unclear and hard to figure out according to your skin type, age, etc.

I found a great little company, modestly tucked away in the folds of the natural skincare line websites. It’s called GoW or Garden of Wisdom. I called them and had a lovely little chat with them and they were so kind, receptive and wanted to hear more about my blog and what I do.

I had some skincare concerns, and tried out their sample program which is really cool btw. You pay very little and get large samples. They lasted me quite some time. Here is what I tried:

(Bear in mind, I have finicky skin. It is break out prone, sensitive, congested and combination so it becomes dehydrated easily. (ugh, right?). I REALLY had a great time using these, loved how they smelled and the textures were great!)

First, I tried the Almond Milk/Papaya Cleanser I got a nice little tub of this and its very smooth, smells like almond milk, is creamy and cleanses very well without stripping the skin. My face didn’t feel like it had a film or like the cleanser was overly moisturizing, it felt balanced.

I then tried the Green Tea Cleanser (Jen’s). This is a more intensive cleanser, cleanses more deeply and is slightly more oil absorbing due to it’s sudsing abilities. I used this when I was very oily and congested (lady time of the month is a great time for this one). It aids in redness reduction big time and is this cool jelly like green consistency. Too neat!

Lastly, I cleansed with the Fall into my Pumpkin Cleanser. OMG. Did I say OMG? Let me just tell you. I LOVE PUMPKIN. OMG! Fall is my favorite, I love baking and this cleanser just made me want to sit and smell it allllll day long. Truly amazing. This made my 5 minute cleansing regimen a piece of pumpkin pie to endure each night. It is slightly exfoliating which is great for post inflammatory conditions and redness, but it’s SUPER gentle. I got the same feeling with this as the Almond milk cleanser, I felt balanced not too dry or too oily. PERFECT. Still can’t stop smelling it.

I also tried out their Marityme AntiOxidant Gel which is wonderful. It works very fast on sun spots, and hyperpigmentation and scars. Lightens and evens skin overnight and is very gentle and super natural.

They were kind enough to send me a sample of their Coconut Revival Serum. I was ecstatic because 1) I forgot to get a moisturizing anything to go with my cleansers and 2) I LOVE the smell of coconut too! This felt wonderful and comforting to my skin. It is great of your skin is parched, dehydrated or too oily. I popped this in the fridge and used it on really warm night and it was absorbed so quickly and made me skin feel fresh and dewy, not oily. The smell is not of fakey tropical coconut junk, it smells like REAL coconut and coconut water. YUM!

I cannot thank them enough for helping to support my efforts in getting the word out about leading healthier lives and how important it is.

Be sure to check them out here:


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Manna Organics breads, Gluten free and yeast free and vegan to boot! yay! SO GOOD! WANT (4 LOAVES) FREE MANNA BREAD?! MULTIPLE ENTRY OPTIONS!! GO TO MY BLOG AND FOLLOW ME @ https://supernaturaleblog.wordpress.com/ SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL “LIKE” MY … Continue reading