Is this the NEW eating disorder?!


Wiki says:
“Orthorexia nervosa (also known as orthorexia) is not mentioned in the DSM[a], but was coined by Steven Bratman[1] to characterize people who develop an obsession with avoiding foods perceived to be unhealthy.[2][3] Orthorexia nervosa is believed to be a mental disorder.[4] Bratman claims that in rare cases, this focus may turn into a fixation so extreme that it can lead to severe malnutrition or even death.[5] Even in less severe cases, the attempt to follow a diet that cannot provide adequate nourishment is said to lower self-esteem as the orthorexics blame themselves rather than their diets for their constant hunger and the resulting cravings for forbidden foods.”

I recently was on a strictly RAW plant based diet. I got so incredibly wrapped up in the no grains, no meat, no diary, no non-organic, no this-that-or-the-other, that my perfect diet was making me perfectly sick. I went from 118 to 111 in about 2 weeks and was extremely anxious, couldn’t sleep, was always on edge and felt “buzzy” a lot.

Now, Don’t get me wrong, a MORE plant based diet is great. We all could stand to incorporate more greens. But is the new “joy of cooking”, the “misery of eating”? I’m starting to think so.

It’s called Orthorexia. Basically it is an eating disorder characterized by your constant striving for perfectionism of your health and health food diet and letting it rule your life. I don’t personally feel that my diet rules my life. Some of my family and friends, sometimes even my Husband think i’m a little overzealous. But I truly enjoy reading about nutrition, blogging about it and eating the best possible, most organic, and sustainably farmed foods I humanly can. I believe it’s our right as Americans. We live in a free and rich country, we can get clean water, antibiotic and pesticide free foods. And we should!

I also believe that we are destroying our beautiful planet and resources with unsustainable farming practices. If we help local and organic farms remain in business by buying local and organic, then we can literally help save the world.
Back to Orthorexia. Now, regardless of how “perfect” my diet was, I was under so much stress about eating the wrong things that it stressed me out a lot. I also started worrying way too much about what my family was eating and friends too. I found myself feeling more judgmental then ever, and less forgiving. This stress, alongside my perfectness, led to my ultimate downfall.

I started having severe muscle cramping, sleeplessness, nightmares, hair shedding, heart palpitations, dehydration issues, and muscle tone loss. I also had a lot of panic attacks, and was always sick to my stomach. I recently saw my Naturopath and he told me I was very malnourished and that a lot of it was from stress.( we know I am not Orthorexic because I had no problem going back to eating cooked foods, etc.).

Stress is a killer. It will suck up all the good stuff in your body, regardless of how perfect and healthy you are. It will wreak havoc on your skin, your mind and the people around you. It makes digestion and sleep harder, which can lead to weight gain and anxiousness, leading to even more stress. The key is to work on meditation, even if it’s repeating a mantra to yourself in the car on your way home, taking a hot bath with relaxing music a few times a week, or doing something you enjoy regularly and making time for YOU.
No one wants to age quickly, pack on pounds, be covered in stress acne or hives and be exhausted from lack of restful sleep. Be sure to make wise choices in your food, but don’t seek for perfection, be kind to yourself and others,try hard not to judge them but offer wisdom. I am going to get into Yoga soon hopefully.

What are some of your favorite ways to decompress?
I love hot tea, snuggled up under my heat blanket. I also like nighttime drives with the windows down with friends and loved ones. Of course baths with soothing music, duh.

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Cron-o-meter: Easily and thoroughly measuring your daily intake of vitamins, calories and more!

cronometer lets you enter in your food item intake for the day and easily shows you an array of valuable information from your calorie count, to fat intake and carbs and shows you a ratio graph of carbs to fats to protein.

This is perfect for anyone on the paleo or raw diet as you have a balance of low or high carb etc.. I never thought of some of the vitamins or minerals that I wasn’t getting daily! This is a good tool to avoid deficiency, or even to treat it!
It also forces you to eat a bigger variety. I found myself low in some areas so I would try to balance it out with different foods I wouldn’t typically eat. I found myself eating an array of veggies and fruits everyday, easily!


TRULY Easy, health conscience decisions to start making


Change is hard, uncomfortable and no fun! But once you hit that lull, the place where everything comes easily and it all just works. That’s when it dawns on you that it was worth the battle.
I know change is hard, I talk to people daily about their diets and lifestyle choices and I want to make it as easy-peasy as possible. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you make some changes for the better today:

Eat MORE fat.
Wait, what? Yes. More. There are healthy fats found in avacados, nuts and seeds that the body metabolizes differently than unhealthy fats. Fat is CRUCIAL to helping your metabolism function properly, keep your hair and skin nourished, and keep your brain and mind healthy too. TRUST me when I say this okay? Big girl genes run in my family and I weight 115. I eat a lot of avacados, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats.
ex: Avacado and olive oil on salad, two healthy fats right there! or sprinkle on some sunflower seeds, or nuts!

Replacing sour cream/icecream/dressings
Use a lot of sour cream for “taco night”? Use a lot in your baking? Natural Greek yogurt tastes VERY close, and has some beneficial properties to it, and a lot less (bad) fats! Try this easy replacement!

for instance, you can replace cream, mayo or cream cheese in a lot of cases too!

Also, use it for dips, pasta or creamy based potato and pasta salads, homemade frozen yogurt ice-creams or you can add it to hot meals. Apparently it withstands higher heat cooking without curdling too!

Eat before you run!
Eating breakfast is SUPER important. Have a whole grain like oatmeal, whole-grain English muffin, whole grain toast and be sure to add a protein like yogurt, tofu scramble, scrambled eggs, lean meats. Add some Healthy fats like almond butter, nuts, flaxseeds and a fruit or veggie grapefruit, berries, banana, etc.
Ex: oatmeal topped with berries or bananas, toast with nut butter and bananas on top, yogurt with berries and fruits, English muffin topped with fruit spread and nut butter, whole grain cereal topped with fruit, tofu or egg scramble filled with veggies

Once in awhile to give your body a break from saturated fats, try having a vegetarian night for dinner, you can add some faux meat products. My favorite is faux- ground meats, once mixed with the seasonings etc, no one can tell the diference! You can eliminate a lot of fat, calories and stress on your body by trying this every so often.

ex: faux ground beef or turkey for chili or taco night. Homemade veggie burgers are great on the grill too!

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carobdippedfruit cheezeekale fruitrollhowto rawchesscake rawpumpkinpie

(carob dipped strawberries and bananas, pumpkin pie, avocado-coconut- lime cheesecake with raspberry sauce, fruit roll ups, cheezee kale chips)

Above I have just a few of the pictures I took from my Raw Food journey. I Really enjoyed making these, they weren’t hard at all and if you’re interested in making raw treats or foods, go for it! I am telling you, it’s really not that hard once you accumulate the basics of the raw food diet in your pantry or fridge.

Here’s what I ended up using most often:



virgin, unrefined coconut oil (organic)

nuts (pecans, cashews,walnuts)

maple syrup, agave, raw honey (all of which are very taboo in the Raw Food world about whether they are truly raw)

coconut flakes



Now as you can see from my list, a lot of these fall under the high fat or high sugar category. It’s fine in moderation. The key is to make these things that taste like other bad things, but with whole ingredients. If you were going to eat a candy bar, a RAW version of that is definitely healthier and there will be some benefits nutritionally. So yeah it’s fattening to have a raw chocolate tart with a nut butter in it, but it’s not full of partially-hydrogenated oils, white sugar, animal by products, etc. You can customize this to your liking and that’s what I found so intriguing and down right fun! It’s also VERY CHALLENGING sometimes, which was fun for me but some people just find it frustrating.

Here are a list of some sites I’d visit regularly to spark ideas or grab recipes from. I even started coming up with my own after awhile. These people work very hard and are truly an inspiration in my life:

Be sure to check them out for fun and creative ways to eat well and still have tasty treats 😉   I post recipes and green living tips as well on my Facebook so join me as well!


So as you can see, it’s a little challenging but can give you some really neat results just by having a little patience and the willingness to create.