Products I covet: Spring 2013

Manuka Honey is a MUST in any Holistic or Natural Gal’s home. It’s naturally tasty, antimicrobial and helps fight some serious infections. Great for reducing chances of catching colds, and shortening them when you are already sick. It’s amazing at healing acne QUICKLY, (see my blog on this with pictures!). It’s a wonderful cleanser, and has been shown to even treat some severe cases of staph! Instead of an antibiotic ointment, try swapping it out for this, I have found it actually keeps me from scarring. Just amazing.


Vitamix. I cannot tell you enough how much I LOVE my Vitamix. It makes cooking and preparing really great meals, super quick and super easy. Plus I end up making things I never attempted to before! I am certainly eating healthier and have maintained a steady healthy weight due to using this as a tool to help me live healthier. I drink more smoothies and juices now, and eat more soups. I literally use this everyday. This is a great tool to have when starting a raw food diet or a cleanse.

You are what you eat. I’ll say! This book has been read by me so many times it’s starting to bend all funny. oops. I love it. It’s no nonsense, lots of gorgeous food pictures and recipes and tips and tricks. Gillian McKeith is absolutely phenomenal and she has healed a lot of very sick and overweight people. Coconut oil. Good fats, skin benefits, high heat stable cooking. What more could you want? I use this in all my cooked dishes, a little goes a long way and as often as I cook, a jar lasts me a long while. It is totally worth the price, and the price of your health! Raw desserts. Healthy and dessert? Yes. Whole, uncooked foods made into delectable treats. This book was a great inspiration to me. I made so many things so quickly and easily. Aloe. Burns, cuts, scrapes, dry skin beware! This aloe is amazing for all skin types and boo-boo’s. Used in conjunction with the Manuka Honey, you will have soft, smooth supple scar free skin in no time! Glass jars. Perfect for craft stuff, but even better for storing your fresh made juices and smoothies from your vitamix! I use this kind because of the sealable and pretty much spill proof lid enclosure. Keeps my green smoothies fresh in the fridge and on quite a beautiful display!

Cron-o-meter: Easily and thoroughly measuring your daily intake of vitamins, calories and more!

cronometer lets you enter in your food item intake for the day and easily shows you an array of valuable information from your calorie count, to fat intake and carbs and shows you a ratio graph of carbs to fats to protein.

This is perfect for anyone on the paleo or raw diet as you have a balance of low or high carb etc.. I never thought of some of the vitamins or minerals that I wasn’t getting daily! This is a good tool to avoid deficiency, or even to treat it!
It also forces you to eat a bigger variety. I found myself low in some areas so I would try to balance it out with different foods I wouldn’t typically eat. I found myself eating an array of veggies and fruits everyday, easily!


TRULY Easy, health conscience decisions to start making


Change is hard, uncomfortable and no fun! But once you hit that lull, the place where everything comes easily and it all just works. That’s when it dawns on you that it was worth the battle.
I know change is hard, I talk to people daily about their diets and lifestyle choices and I want to make it as easy-peasy as possible. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you make some changes for the better today:

Eat MORE fat.
Wait, what? Yes. More. There are healthy fats found in avacados, nuts and seeds that the body metabolizes differently than unhealthy fats. Fat is CRUCIAL to helping your metabolism function properly, keep your hair and skin nourished, and keep your brain and mind healthy too. TRUST me when I say this okay? Big girl genes run in my family and I weight 115. I eat a lot of avacados, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats.
ex: Avacado and olive oil on salad, two healthy fats right there! or sprinkle on some sunflower seeds, or nuts!

Replacing sour cream/icecream/dressings
Use a lot of sour cream for “taco night”? Use a lot in your baking? Natural Greek yogurt tastes VERY close, and has some beneficial properties to it, and a lot less (bad) fats! Try this easy replacement!

for instance, you can replace cream, mayo or cream cheese in a lot of cases too!

Also, use it for dips, pasta or creamy based potato and pasta salads, homemade frozen yogurt ice-creams or you can add it to hot meals. Apparently it withstands higher heat cooking without curdling too!

Eat before you run!
Eating breakfast is SUPER important. Have a whole grain like oatmeal, whole-grain English muffin, whole grain toast and be sure to add a protein like yogurt, tofu scramble, scrambled eggs, lean meats. Add some Healthy fats like almond butter, nuts, flaxseeds and a fruit or veggie grapefruit, berries, banana, etc.
Ex: oatmeal topped with berries or bananas, toast with nut butter and bananas on top, yogurt with berries and fruits, English muffin topped with fruit spread and nut butter, whole grain cereal topped with fruit, tofu or egg scramble filled with veggies

Once in awhile to give your body a break from saturated fats, try having a vegetarian night for dinner, you can add some faux meat products. My favorite is faux- ground meats, once mixed with the seasonings etc, no one can tell the diference! You can eliminate a lot of fat, calories and stress on your body by trying this every so often.

ex: faux ground beef or turkey for chili or taco night. Homemade veggie burgers are great on the grill too!

Hope this helps, more to come! Be sure to subscribe here and check out my FB page!